Why Chiropractic?


The neural tube is the very first thing that is created upon conception. 


This became our brain & spinal cord.


It is what runs, regulates, coordinates, heals, grows and repairs each cell in every system of the human body.


Chiropractors care about the spine only because it is the boney mechanism that protects the brain & spinal column.


When the spine misaligns, it puts pressure on the nerves exiting the spine much like a kink in a garden hose.


These "kinks" are what interfere with, slow, block or impinge the messages from our brain to our body and vice versus.


Removing these kinks called subluxations allows the body to regain proper function, and in turn, it is able to work at 100% potential!

That is what chiropractic is! It reconnects you to the power that created & sustains you, therefore, allowing you to heal, regenerate and live life at a heightened level!


It is IMPOSSIBLE to live life with 100% potential with subluxations residing in the body. 


Chiropractors are the only primary health care provider that understands, detects and corrects spinal subluxations.


So choosing anything without including regular chiropractic care in life will only offer minimal results in comparison to when the nervous system is clear, connected and able to do its job.

Choose Life... Choose Chiropractic!


The Chiropractic Story