Prices & Wellness Membership Plans

Healing is a Journey, Not an Event


Start-Up & Re-Examination Fees


New participant consultation, examination, doctor’s report & first two adjustments: $100


Participant Re-Examination: $25

Option 1: Pay As You Go

Symptom Based Care

$50 per Adult Adjustment

$30 per Pediatric Adjustment

This is designed for those that need or want care as they go throughout the year. Like eating whole foods & regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic is as well. However, some people are not ready for that kind of care or commitment to their health. If that is the case, pay as you go can work great for you!

Option 2: Wellness Memberships

Helping You Get & Stay Healthy

Wellness Membership –

Pay Monthly

Initial Intensive Care - $200/month

(2+ adjustments a week)       


Progression Care - $150/month

(averages 1x/week)

2 Adults - $250/month

Option 3: Sliding Scale

Affordable Care for Everyone!

We feel it is a birthright to be healthy, happy & whole. Sometimes things like a fixed income, the birth of a new baby or temporary unemployment comes up.

This last plan allows you, with integrity, to set what you or your family can afford each month for care. We just ask for honesty and integrity when utilizing this option.

Family Plans are offered from $300 a month (2 Adults and up to 6 kids under 18).

1 adult + children $200/month (averages 1x/week)


Pediatric & student rates are a bit cheaper at $30 an adjustment or $100 per month for recommended care under wellness memberships.


 Ask how we can help make care affordable for the whole family!