What To Expect

Call to Schedule Your 1st Visit

This will include the consultation, exam & the 1st adjustment. This visit will take about 30-40 minutes. You will need to schedule your second appointment for your doctor's report & follow-up adjustment within that week or the following week.  

 Doctor's Report & Next Adjustment

We will review the findings from your exam, see how your body integrated the 1st adjustment, possibly offer further
recommendations & answer any questions. You will also receive a follow-up adjustment.

Walk-In for Regular Care

Once you are an established participant in this office following the first 2 visits, you are eligible to walk-in for care when it is convenient for you. Just stop in at either location and we will be happy to serve you!

People that come to Love Life Chiropractic report living more connected & healthier lives. Many people also report no longer needing or taking less medication(s) than before under regular chiropractic care.
The POWER that MADE the body, HEALS the body!

Stay Healthy & Connected!

What ages & conditions do you see?

Dr. Jamie sees babies from birth to those in their 90's! She has been a catalyst in helping people heal from migraines/headaches, gallery/sinus issues, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, digestive issues, reproductive challenges & pain, back pains and much more. When the body is connected and the nervous system is functioning, healing in various areas is the usual result.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Considering insurance will not cover the majority of chiropractor's recommendations for wellness care, we don't take any kind of insurance. We want people to get the care they need to experience a high quality of life versus masking the pain or problem at hand. 

Also in not taking insurance, we are this able to offer cost effective rates including the sliding scale system for those if needed.

Do you offer financing options?

See the section on this site for "Prices & Plans". We feel that wellness & health is a birth right. Therefore, we want anyone wanting care to receive it. We will work with you to get you the care that you need no matter where you're at. However, please remember we have business expenses to keep our services available & cost effective for everyone.

Can I get a same-day appointment?

Dr. Jamie has limited hours between two offices and strives to keep things simple. Because of this, she offers care on a walk-in basis for adjustments mostly. If you are a new participant, we may be able to get you in the same day for your 1st initial visit, however it will need to be scheduled around the general flow of the day. So please call for availability or stop in to set aside this time for yourself.


The initial appointment consists of paperwork, a consultation and the chiropractic examination, but you will need to be scheduled for your first and second adjustment so that Dr. Jamie can properly review your file, come up with the best care plan for your needs and explain how your body seems to process the adjustment.


You will also need to schedule your follow-up appointment the week of your 1st adjustment or the week after at the latest. During this appointment, the doctor will educate you on what was found in your body, recommend a care plan, as well as see how your body responded and is holding the 1st adjustment. If another adjustment is needed at that appointment, then you will get one.


From there, care can be based on appointment if you need a designated time for your schedule or you can walk-in as fits your schedule. Either way, we look forward to watching you progress in health & life!

Do you offer walk-in's?

Of course! Dr. Jamie wants to make sure that she accommodates everyone's fluctuations throughout the day. It may be good to call and give a head's up before you head in for your first appointment so we can guide you towards less busy hours. However, after the first adjustment & Doctor's Report, you can walk on in and get connected!