Geometry of the Body

Unlocking the Sacredness Inside of Us

What is BGI?

BGI is a chiropractic approach based on the geometry of the human body. We apply the scientific understanding of quantum physics to health and healing. Knowing that the body is made of an intricate web of physical and energetic connections, allows us to address the person in a truly holistic approach. Combining this understanding with the use of light touches and gentle structural adjustments, the body is guided to release tension patterns. Just as tension patterns in your system accumulate bit by bit, so, too, will receiving regular chiropractic adjustments gradually and progressively release that stored tension. With each adjustment your system becomes better able to adapt, self-correct and heal.

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Even Within Our Human Frame

Geometry Exists Everywhere

Geometry exists everywhere in nature on earth as well as within our entire universe. Geometry is apparent in nature via trees, plants & flowers, foods we eat, animals, galaxies and much more. Once you become aware of it, you will be amazed to the various forms unfold in front of you.

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Taking Care of You

Distortions in Our Body Geometrically

Over time... the above picture is a perfect example of how the spine and body's geometry can distort with stored stress patterns. You can imagine if someone is functioning with this kind of distortion, how much their body has to work extra hard to create what "normal" feels like to them? These patterns also go through our organ systems causing a variety of symptoms and dis-ease processes that can usually be healed as the stress patterns start to let go.