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"Have You More Faith in a Spoonful of Medicine than the Power that Animates the Living World?" - BJ Palmer

Why Choose Love Life Chiropractic?

Love Life offers high quality and affordable Chiropractic care for everyone.

Our office welcomes all cases regardless of age, condition or financial ability to pay.


We Promise:

To make Chiropractic easy, affordable, simple and convenient

To take care of you just like our own family


Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI)

BGI is an approach to chiropractic, not a technique. Utilized through recognition of tensional patterns through the sacred geometry of the human frame and then aiming to correct the distortions from head to toe. BGI pays attention to tone versus only tension & inflammation, therefore allowing the release of old stored patterns with more ease and also overall learning from the body.


Innate Intelligence

The same intelligence that created us continues to reside within us for our entire LIFE. It is this power which continually maintains and heals our bodies. This inner wisdom, our “Innate Intelligence”, is smarter than any doctor, scientist, or computer will ever be. It expresses itself through mental impulses in our nerve system.



Love Life Chiropractic recognizes that every person & every spine is different. Therefore, our office uses various techniques to best suit you and your family’s needs. Each chiropractic technique we use is extremely effective in reducing nervous system interference while improving proper spinal biomechanics.


Contact Dr. Jamie

I love being a catalyst in participants feeling healthy, happy and terrific! It is a personal goal of mine to see all communities thriving and loving life. It is hard to do that when we are bogged down and cannot healthfully integrate the stress in our lives.


Not only do I help participants experience the power of their own body in healing without the use of drugs or surgery, but I offer wellness & lifestyle coaching to make sure that you are able to live each day with full potential!

If you have any questions or would like to know if I am the right doctor for you, feel free to call either office, catch me on Facebook or write me at lovelifechiropractic@gmail.com.   I will do my best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to research pure, unadulterated chiropractic care!


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